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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  September 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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we have a check on the forecastst all little shower hee in cleveland and it looks like the rain is somewhat breaking up breaking up all that which isak somewhat unusual. and look at the heavy rain offshore to the northwest quarter breaks so the forecast now a watch the low it is right over minneapolis it will drop further south instead of having the southwind we start to see people up and over the low. easy it coming to us from pennsylvania and instead of southern ohio. a lot of raii
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the low ?- watch the love that takes us through sunday the different positions show that gives up around michigan it takes a while for this thing to get around here. we start to see the coverage pick up as the days go on. future radar pretty much to fix what we've been talking about dry pockets and any sort of rainfall will be locally study cap half an inch and they think that amount will convert good 7 one of the same tomorrow eight-day coming up in just a few minutes. >> when it rains it pours. that is what we are having to date with our issues along for 8480
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then an accident overan by east 100 second in the second. as you are driving here that connects you to the sun trying to peek through.ct we do have a big problem the tanker rolled over this morning after 60 you can see 68 can see it in this pictureor quite dramatic. eighy westbound is close atte route 11 eastbound they are portion of that area we are told the driver and two other vehicleses did walk away safelyo that is gooddi but this is 80 westbound route 1180 eastbound we send it back inside. >> ninety was i must today coming in. a parking lot.
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sexual assault of a nine -year-old corporate a fun out this is not the first time he has been accused of a horrible crime. >> good morning. he was arrested in fairfield counties also columbus after someone you know some sawol his vehicle on v and called police. he was arrested a first-degree rape kidnapping and charges he is accused of snatching a nine -year-old driving her to a parking lot where police sexually assaulted beaten and threatened her before letting letting her go surveillance videoeah captured is chock the block ford f1 50 was goes on the side andn that is what led to hs arrest we new line to serve time in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter back in 1999 in that case, he picked up a woman on a street corner and wyoming raped her and left her on the side of the road when the windhe chill reached 40 below and she froze to death. one of the mothers murdering matthew
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county he will be brought back so he can be formally charged with the attack on a little girl. >> police and parents and students in elyria on high alert this morning after a man aggressively exposes himselfm police say to high school students were walking on the third street bridge yesterday morning when a mann stopped next to them and demanded th c get inside his car while flushing them the girls flashing them the girls ran for helpc and the school district immediately sent out a warning.oo this man was the same one two weeks ago and a month ago. >> we continuously tell our students if you see something sayts something. >> it seems to be happening more oftenme so awareness is key is r my police described him as
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buzz haircut he was driving a of a gold and rt an suv was stickers on the back with a busted out whereh passenger window. >> authorities working to track down several suspects this morning after an attempted smash and grab on theed city's west side. police say that many venues the year this red one was stills running. when that it gt inside the new wave market before 2:00 o'clock in the morning a lot less ofo the suspects tried to free the man before running away investigators say they don't believe mef with anything. >> a cleveland strip club most must pay more than $8 million to the family of a woman killed in a runway crash. julio was kicked out of the secrets gentlemen's club on brook park road for being to jump back on april 52014 he then drove the wrong direction on for 80 and hit a car the car had on killinr the 21 -year-old excuse me 22 -year-old desiree schneider.
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officers he was working at the club that may. >> i think it is a message throughout the state that with owning thet liquid permit comes with responsibility if you are a bar number one you're not supposed to served to the.of intoxication but if you do, and they are severely intoxicated that bar has a duty to take reasonable measures to make sure that person is not out on the road. select now serving a 15 year sentence for snyder's death. 1ea >> and then abruptly shut down all its campuses across the nation last night stunning students thet company has 79 locations including ten here in the buckeye state in north olmsted willoughby akron and canton. students even want to have class last nightdon had no notice. just before 10:00 p.m. regency posted a message on this website saying organization does
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run the business. if you are a student find information y on wt to do know by going to fox eight .com and click on scene on tv. >> another big storyco the mayos of parmesan parma heights speakingts out against a proposl thatpo would consolidate three high school's and t1 the mayor's are encouraging parents to attend the next parma meeting september 4 that will be a big one among the planned valley forge in normandy high school would be schools and all students from tenth to 12th grade with a child parma eyes were also more than 50 jobs would be eliminated and multiple programs car. the district is facing. a $15 milln budget shortfall. >> foxing is keeping tabs on developing storiesbs all morning long. here is todd with a look at what is justin. >> world leaders pay their final respects to shimon perez right now including bill clinton you
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paying his respects. his body playing inp jerusalem will stay there until tomorrow the 93 -year-old considered one of the founding fathers he won theld nobel peace prize he died wednesday two weeks after suffering a stroke. flying at half staff all federal buildings in honor of them in fact tomorrow, president obama will be leading a us israel to his funeral.n >> it is eight minutes after 8:00 a.m. long overdue with recognition ?- president barack obama making things ir today for the family of jesse owens and other olympians that were honored for their accomplishments. >> and he made his debut on empire last night. this morning he is with us stay tune in here how is the walker is helping
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area. >> look at the rain coming at us from the east and southeast many areas seeing rain that did not see rain yesterday lower 50s he will have who are periods of heavy rain r r we will talk more about willie barrett weekend in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much how do you turn an awesome piece of leather like this into a handbag thater will last forever? we wl explainil when we
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good morning, everyone will
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little bit of sunshinee we talk about september being a transition month these are the dewpoint we've measured the humidity is a week and a half into september it was pretty dry and pretty might remember last him and remember as you canem we in the upper '80s dewpoint straps the latest rain developed yesterday kind of a sign we're starting to see that transition when you start to see the was like the fact get cut off with frequent rain we see the pattern begin to shift from the very hot and dry pattern we had this summer. are seeinge lowest much in the way ofse rain fallin traffic shifting you look into the rain in pennsylvania coming out of almost the east. that will be the movement now of
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outha is upper 50s lower 60s temperatures will climb, but only slightly. here is a look at the future radar.ig eighty o 90 percent of us will see rain today somera breaks of her nameo make continuous on and off today and tomorrow 50s tonight middle 60s on all the
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for 80 eastbound a big problem down westbound 11 and eastbound is closed
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by a volunteer firemans accused of shooting and killing his fatherac minutes 15 seconds went to post a tweet on t her personal accout well-deserved and long awaited honored will finally take place
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recognition they did not receive when they returned he refused to shake his hand he was never congratulated. >> i heard it is incredible. >> it really does. lesson in history. a great movie for kids. speaking of struggles ?- pain paying for children's day care just a little more expensive than full-time tuition in college.
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do we handle that and how do we i do childcare my own 650 an hour i have the experience withpe the special insurance policy people complain about the cost how manyy would take well-being for less than an hour. she be expensive it is valuable. he spent over $40,000 on killed childcare we would not change it for the world. k >> i am a cocktail worker childcare worker we don't get paid nearly enough there is not
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our job on a daily basis. >> againba it is less than minim wage an expensive thing for a lot of people how do you deal with it? people use to just drop their kids off at people when i was a life guard. he could so expensive i don't know get a pool pass not a good idea. 8:18 a.m. is your time right now coming up in
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you're going to get it. and you know whether that's what i looks like this morningng running in here with my rain had my raincoat..i like tere with
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it also gave me like low lights to. to. it's really good that rain cann do that. want to check in with a.j. colbl was happening weatherwise thethe rain will arrive. good morning my friend. good morninga wayne and justust hands of any. here's a look at storm fox wetwt weather out here but most of the heavy rain and evenvy rain d evn thunderstorms east of detroit this morning showers growing upp to mentor the weather coming out as interestingly enoughor from t that doesn't happen very often with a few breaks in the overcast right now and that's the forecasta today.a we'll see a variable mainly cloudy though with theh weather system wrapping in this moisture.moiste. off the atlantic ocean how about that.t. look at how this low just meanders.thaa cut off low.o this thing just refuses tofuseso budge. it's cut off from the main flow which usually pushes the systemh
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northwest flow. breezy only 64 or go on and offnd rain showers fortunate.nate cool and damp the overnight low 56. and tomorrow more of the same.e. periods of rain showers shower temperatures sare expected topeo remain in the mid- 60s into saturday the m. son will be limited that's forfr and for willie bear sundayun looking atda upper 60s a very 6 small chance for a shower it will be passing leading don'tng change your plans hope to see you in vermillion. it will be wonderfulo see yo gra family fun.. beautiful weather after that. here is patty with traffic. we were stuck in traffic had too land the trapper in we startedtt e stuck in traffic had to land the trapper in we started to see blue skies here but out west still toon 90 and 71 we st have a lotw of traffic and it looks very dark but as you go east it looks a little lighter.t 480 eastbound recovering from the earlier accident we had 480 eastbou on o the valleyview bridge things are
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out there in some spots but this is the west side of town s.. 90 by west boulevard in it isrdn very slow as you come in from the west side this morning as m peek at 71 tech us about a half hour we were driving in the heat of the rush hour and took us au half hour to get through that.a a big problem down in trumbull county. happened after sixl this mornin. look at this video this is justt incredible. a tanker rolled over this is on i 80 between route 11 they h1ad 80 shut down in both directions. westbound side dot 11 eastbound side dot at salt springs road. the driver ofs the tanker understand it to have thee t drivers of two other cars drivers of this walked away that is great news they are evacuatingt is gr people from tr cars in this area taking them to a staging area.a. a st again 80 west run closed as 11 and 80 eastbound at saltd ata springs road quitel a video thi
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county. all right wayne stephanie jessica back talo you.l righto . incredible. thank you for that patty. patty. new developments this morning in the case of the 9 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by a man who claimed to be a police officer.ase ofof we've learned the man policeceo. believe carried out that crime is a dangerous criminal who served time for killing a woman. what the check in with staceya frey in the newsroom with the rest of in tthe story. story. stacey good morning. good morning. police say they were able to track down dennis menefeecey gog through his truck, a blackorni pickup with skulls on the sides. someone who knows him saw it onl tv and called police.pickup wit county, outside columbus, twoo days after a 9 year old massillon girl was pulled into a truck just like his by a man claiming to be a police officer. he raped and beat her beforer be threatening her and letting her go to walk home.her the 46 year old, who is from tuskarawas county, will be brought back to massillon tomaso face rape, kidnapping and rape,i aggravated menacing charges.dn fox 8 has learned that menefeeee served time years ago for killing a woman who he had raped and dumped on the side of the road in wyoming.ming.
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walking back to town. menefee is behind bars inis b fairfield county.ecounty. he'll be brought back to massillon to be charged with bea assaulting that little girl. stacey frey reporting from the newsroom. thank you stacey. they caused quite a stir now we are hearing from the people who dressed up nas clowns and poste. ththare ring sted a photo online in norwalk. this is the photo posted late thursday that was shared 1,000 times.da christine coffard posted she saf the clowns in norwalk.fard but it was actually a photo of o her and a friend, in cos norwalk police say the photo caused hysteria leading to false calls, and prompting groups tosd go out in search of clowns. just thought it would be fun. didn't expect it to blow up like it did.didn't exp a thousand shares. over 1000 shares. i get the people who are mad, i do understand that.i d but at the same time like weo were just having fun and we did we apologized to the norwalk
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like we didn't mean to keep you guys out.i norwalk's city attorney declined to press charges. but police are cautioning peoplr to consider the potentialr the l effects of seemingly harmlesssea social media posts. kind of creepy. all right.d ee your world champion cleveland cavaliers will soon be back onn the court for a new season andal caviers will soo we can't wait for that. wait f they'll be sporting some new and they won't be alone.rtin so this is such cool news.ews. the team confirms that all employees at quicken loans arenn will be receiving rings toa commemorate the incrediblencrede season. the bling comes courtesy of dan gilbert and the cavs ownership group.nd thep. we're told that the rings employees get won't be exactlycy like the ones the players receive, but they're still surer to be spectacular. and sensational. the cavs open the 2016-2017 season at home on tuesday,y, october 25th. that's a great idea. rewording everybody who workso there. not bad. they are family. that's
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how about that can we get one to. one i was working at back you when they went. was work i was at back you. come on now.. come on.on. we won't beg that we are beg begging. we are begging.tha last year season-ticket holdersd future season-ticket holders.ol. still to come on fox8 news in the morning.g.ning. another disney movie remake. yes. following the jungle book'so recent success at the box office rent succwhich other belovedd animal film is taking to. plus they are making it but these rising stars from rightth here in northeast ohio want to help other aspiring artists. we'll talk to lolah brown and ln ezzy walker about a music seriez they are a part of next.zy er an hey kenny.ext. good morning just. all right.od jackie's edge painting here her because they mix all of the hand painted by hand. still good old-fashioned way. we are here when we come backmek
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do this stuff. it's amazing. kicking it with kenny. stay with us. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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[music playing] [music playing] they are two rising stars fromi right here in northeast ohio. we are joined this morning by rirrer and songwriter lolahah brown she's currently on tour we a with joioi nger ann she's curre and ezri aka ezzy walker, actor m and musician might have seen him last night on empire.empir what was it like seeing you finally onscreen? l exhilarating. the very first timeexhil watchih something like empire annoyingep there's millions of people watching it it's likeire ann die experience than i was in theh theater had the watch party.rty. cool i felt support and love. the cast is great. everybody's down to earth extremely accommodating and
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you did a great job. thank you. perform with those guys. little bit of pressure. definitely..definely. you have like the og of acting kind of giving me pointers onoi different ostuff like i said being welcomingif and making me feel like i was supposed to be there in that's what i'm supposed to be doing.po be it's easy it just becomes like it was great working with them.m talk about the. superstars.rsta. rihanna and for all.. you know a little bit of worlds touring with these people.ri you saying on our show. i did. i did before i went on to. bigger and better things.ings. not better but a little bit.le i doing these performances on acea break right now.ak righow a short break but still doing shows. in between.n. wet a career it's been for you soa far. it's been a blessing singingessg professionally since 2008 in08 n things i just kind of been a domino effect since then.en in amazing right.t.
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about starting small gaining that notoriety to get yourselfyl out there. out th absolutely and basically i just want to give back toere. you kn aspiring artist that are in cleveland because a lot of peoplei don't get an opportunitn to make it from cleveland. myself and one of the otherf th panelistse o who is also from cleveland also things with rihanna. i just want us to be able toevet us people in cleveland know thaa you can attain your dreams. do not impossible your environment or things that you hear or whateverur environmu feel like you cannot go after what you really want to a great positive thk you.u.u. what will people see when theype come to the event friday nightgt what will they see? they'll be able to ask us questions about what we doy' how we got to where we are any advice we can give them. and after that it will beve livi music live performances fromrfor some of the panelistsma and a gd night overall.all get to see everybody live.veryb
8:43 am
you spoke at john marshall. you do all of these differentife things try see last week hip-hop weekend played basketball. your all over the place.ce. coming back in giving back why is it sock important to you? i just like coming back in keeping a connection with thectn people that kind of with helpsu know get to where i am today ini essence. so you know just coming back and a lot of times i do stuff like free of chargeot of times i ande stuffre that people ask trained to be the people's champ.. show up. showup. talk about school a scholarship part of this asut well.ell. yes. the panel where going to be speaking at cleveland school of speaking at c ininrning creating this whole thing andhi honor of my son aidan because he is one of the most talented little six year old i've ever seen in myle w shixole entire ld i'm not being biased. i undersitand. i'm just really i'm inspired by
8:44 am
young and so open and free.e no inhibitions in what he lovess and wants to do in his and i want to give other people that opportunity as well. creating a scholarship program aidan asher music achievementiev award to graduating seniors insi the greater cleveland area whowo want to further pursue a career or education in music. i love what you saidid so many times people kind of put you y d.wn. they don't let you follow your dreams. for sure. pigeon holedd yyou a back a little bit that's important to have that creative outlet. absolutely. inside out music series taking place tomorrow night.. at valo in cleveland. there is a question and answer q forum from 79 followed by a jamn session. pposseitive thing for the the community if you're an aspiringg musician singer artist somebodyi who lingkeserr to be creative ci now to be a part of this. to ben absolutely. thank you so much.
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is out withk in wit good to see kenny.yo thank you very much appreciate a brother. we here in theery much ap arts t this is the empire. speaking of empire this is thete one that started the whole thing. for clevelandr you guys.ys the investors asked you to create ave bag and soul five ofi them vand this is you called itt the gordon.or exactly. show given a task jonathon sawyer was like 72e 72 ho new bag andur makes five of thee and sell them at your pop-uppopu store. this ist what we came up with. gordon duff all named afterer gordon square comes in two sizes in all other option as well.ell lebron got one of these.hese that is correct.corre a very primo full leather largee version.n. with his numbers. okay. nice touch. nice up youp your. okay. this is whur.r. at were talking about. all right jackie explain everyry
8:46 am
these are pieces wce showed youy earlier we hand paint and this is what we call the anteriorrior wing. can you grab one with the holesl in it.t. we can so it inside of every single back. you're going to go through these holes like this ande going to gs hands-on with a saddle stitch.ic and evehry stitch clocks back ad forth. and so you're going to go go through every single like thiss and we sold thousands of theset totes and every single one we'v' sold is now the way you do it you have pattern of stitching super reinforced.terrced. you could put whole bunch ofh of bricks in there. the rallrally.rr what a rip that handles off. no problem.y. what if anything ever did go wrongron with your stitching we would fix it for free. this is philip show us what you have your. this is the hide that we start with. keep the stitching sweetie.stith i'm going. this is what we start with.i'
8:47 am
clicker press in our studio that basically we will take these cookie cutters uusing clicker press stay about these differenn pieces. what used to take hours for us to cut by hand now we can make like a minute or two steepingwtg these things out. kind of start here you get thesh guys refinish the edges and from here it makes its way to jacyske hand sewing the straps rightri onto the ghback. jackie this is where the qualiq ucomes in. there's no shortcutt doing whatg you're doing is the way happns.. is that right? that's right. is thaa the core ofe co our business andr the excitingci thing is our whole team ofam employe oes of all believe in te mission. also. everybody's onboard with it.. what is the website where running out of time. i stone mother dot a full-blown store and you canau check out our beautiful models and even our catalog. the websiten is great.
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baby name scout.t. say hi. i love that name sco congrats you guys. thanks. thanks for coming out.o sent it back to you guys in the studio.o. good for them. so c cstool. that's great. still ahead this morning theu fo vegetable side dish sure to wake you up.s our friends from dunkin donutst are here to share their recipewe n for coffee marinated brussel sprouts in today's recipe box coming up also we want to remind youo we i we're only a few days away from dick goddard's 44th annual woollybear festival. from the big parade, to the costumes, and the woollybear anu 500, it's fun for the entireval. family. cosmes, ans fun for the ent over 100,000 people come and coa join us in we hope you do too.nd this sunday in vermillion.y in v you can find a full schedule of events on cooking with dunkin' donuts our friends from there next.
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[music playing]] the day coffee aficionados look forward to all year is finally forw.ffee afaf it's national coffee day but instead of drinking it we're it's n using the caffeine jolt as an ingredient in a brussel sproutss dish. geri blum from dunkin donuts isu here to share that with us nowni this is the one that peaked peak everyone's interest.tere i love brussels sprouts. so unusuali a great thing tot th think about for your thanksgiving table. thank youvi for bringing therini coffee and we start with ourour first cup today. thank you so much.c that's a big one. keeps you going on the morningn shoinw. okay so where do we start withti this?tt this recipe were going to start
8:52 am
we are going to take them wereer going to cut up the bottoms ando cut them in half. were going to add cut up the d e of olive oil.. okay. tablespoon of sea salt.sea that's a half a teaspoon pepper black pepper and were going to usef a coffee grains right out of the bag. dark roastst coffee were going to put in there and then i'll just stir this but if you want to grab this piece of i will.i w what are going to do is mix thii up it will cover it in let itett sit for an hour or so it marinades.s. they're noart cooked yet. these are just brussel sprouts you just buy cut off the endbr some of them are half.lf. do you want to have them orem or know. k most of them are pretty big. that's about a normal size.l si. marinating it. this will get it started be ready to absorb the flavors.avor at all of these yummyse y ingredients. it smells so good.
8:53 am
all okay.y. so that magic of tv. an hour later. fast-forward were going to uncover this and were going to marinade them in dark beer. this recipe is getting better by the minute.his recipe make my daughter proud use them adams imperial stout.out. she works for sam adams i support the family.mi modeled moms got dlyunkin' donus from a duck and donuts do you yu have no? 23 right now in this area. she works for sam adams that's awesome.orks fo where going to mix this up andn cover it in this will go in thee refrigerator overnight. okay. so again were going to pretendfr we did that. this will allow the beer toer really be absorbed along withd o the spices that we just put in. okay. now jus let's say it's tomorrowo we're going to do a couple of things if you want to maybe sti onions. goto this.
8:54 am
half a stick of butter. a lot of butter and so good.d. sounds like thanksgiving.ha it ndokes.sgs. when they're down there going t look like this.his so you see what that looks likei okay. ok pour the rest of thayos.e in thh get them in there. the other thing we're going to get th wemhe eno rtheeciper is in greating r with a littlen added. all of the men perked up about bacon. smells really good. we're going to light our strips of bacon out on a foil lined tray.ed put in 1 ounce oft maple syrup. okay. 1 ounce of dark roast dunkin'asd donuts coffee. love it. perfect. okay. we're going to heat this up thi until it starts to fors m a gel. okay. i'll have you maybe those looke pretty good. okay.. don't wanted to get too thick. you want it like a syrup.
8:55 am
we only have like 30 seconds. where going to brush that theyg can. were going to put tbrhis.ush the come on in folks. we are. put this. for about 10 minutes should dou the trick.dhe tr when it comesi that were going o crumble the bacon up. it's tammy try some of that bacon. really really really good. remember we fast-forward eight a day what we're going to do issio put brussels sprouts i onto the steam tray that we cook the the bacon and that nice bacon fat sure. ban and that and then if you want cover it with onions it if youfu want to sprinkle the bacon maybe wayne. s okay so just mix all of that in. that looks great. great. that's the finished product ove there.over were going to take this for 40 minutes there.. a breakfast dish. you could with the bacon youon u could. and the coffee.nd theffe try it. recommend for thanksgiving made it last yearnd for t and it wast
8:56 am
adults really liketd it.. it's good in the coffee get youu through thanksgiving usually everybody goes in that food comg after you had the turkey.rk that keeps you going.o will have this great recipe on n our website on and alsl on our pinterest page we want tt think t our wonderful friend frm dunkin' donuts we love you guys celebration of national coffee day.ebration no into dunkin' donuts all-around all around northeast ohio get a hot mediumn coffee fr 66 cents. celebrate birthday. special day sundaybi for that's awesome and try pumpkinpi doughnuts. i already had one. also. they're very good. thank you so much appreciate you coming. thank you. still to come this morning. a big role for alec baldwin. find out what role saturday night live is tapping the actor for this season.
8:57 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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[music playing] this is going to be huge. alec baldwin is taking on then h role of donald trump on saturday the actor isn't a newcomer to the late night comedy show. here we go. alec baldwin is taking on the role of donald trump on saturday nightlife. baldwin has hosted 16 times. and fresh off her emmy win kate mckinnon will be back as hillary clinton.baldwin has host and freska not that one. i don't know. she plays hillary clinton andond
9:00 am
be hosting it. they had darrell him it's doing itst he's been endless but so different now. rotating cast like bernie sanders that was good. he will be the star power for the donald trump stuff.f it will get a lot of people. baby's got a recurring role forr the next four years.four if your chosen to be thesen t president it'so b great you hava guaranteed job for four years. excellent. job f thanks so thank you.nk good morning. thursday. it's friday you. amen.g ame september 29.n.septeber 2 i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer.9. i' thank you for being with us today. a lot to get tthrough today. a man arrested accused ofted sexually assaulting a little girl we learned tyh aiss is note first time he's been in troubler with the lawo and we mean glad to have a suspect in this case after all of the worrygl yesterday.y. ye a strict new law has been pasted for pit bulls in one city.rdaye find out what owners have to do or else their dog will be put down.


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